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Since 2008 we have provided our clients high quality leads and the most generous supporters in our industry.

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Tools that brings the best results to you

We believe in creating opportunities for passionate organizations.

Double Optin-Leads

Advanced targeting formula to give you the best leads to reach out for your organization.

Increase Revenue & Sales

Bringing you the customers with the highest value for your organization's cause.

Improve Charitable Giving

Maximize the affect of your hard raised dollars, bring your actions to life.

Our Proprietary Software

Our custom developed software is 100% compliant and can be used for all outbound and inbound campaigns for your cause.

100% Compliance and Low Cost to Run

Our Process

Get started with using our software with these simple steps,
it's as easy as 1-2-3. Turn around time is less than 2 weeks.

  • Select Voice Actor

    Choose from over 100 of our talented voice actors that meet the tone of your cause.

  • Record Your Script

    Upload your script or have us create the perfect optin script for your organization.

  • Setup Agent Flow

    Hire our shared agents or a team of dedicated fronters for your outbound calling campaign.

  • Receive Transfers

    Let our proprietary software and your team of agents do the work, and start receiving charitable donations.

Unlock your potential. Become a hero for your cause.

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